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Needs & Seeds' Journal
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in Needs & Seeds' LiveJournal:

Sunday, December 30th, 2007
8:17 pm

Books on vegetarian and vegan diets (not necessarily cookbooks, but those would be helpful as well).

Friday, December 14th, 2007
12:05 am
I wonder if anyone has a blender they don't need? I'm looking for one that can handle hot drinks, for making hot chocolate out of the hard Mexican chocolate that doesn't easily melt. I'd be happy to pay shipping costs. irvthom1@comcast.net
Monday, December 10th, 2007
9:02 pm
Mushroom Field Guide
I am looking for any sort of mushroom field guide (I would really like this one- All That the Rain Promises, and More ...: A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms) but some other sort of field guide would work (xmas gift for my brother).

Current Mood: stressed
Tuesday, November 20th, 2007
7:42 am
I have a buncha 12g and 14g ear jewelery if anyone wants it.

Aaand I want the super old school Amy Grant "A Christmas Album" CD. I have the tape, yea, tape, but I want the CD. :)
Saturday, November 17th, 2007
8:46 am
I have MANY computer games to give away. For free, except for shipping costs. You can email me for the list at friend_of_god at web dot de. It's a pretty huge list and much of the games are pretty new, eg Stalker, Heroes of Might & Magic V, UFO Afterlight, etc. I live in Germany.
Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
9:32 pm
 I have a pair of Labtec Spin 75 speakers for your PC
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